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MECHANICS is an attempt to fully understand the Internal and External Form of the haircut. We attempt to identify, define, categorize and utilize all the movements of hair to better understand what is possible in haircutting. Instead of being based on design, MECHANICS is a cause and effect based platform. It means Form follows Function.

During the act of haircutting we are always either building, reducing or maintaining weight. We do this by moving the hair and cutting it. When you lift the hair a certain degree, move it forward or backward a certain degree and cut it a certain way, you get a specific form and movement. Understanding exactly how to lift, move and cut the hair to get exactly what you want is the purpose of MECHANICS.

In searching for the true form of the craft we have removed all rules. There are only 3 laws that remain and they have been proven to be true and unbreakable. MECHANICS is here only to explain the “How”, not the “Why” of hair cutting. It has no preconceived aesthetic or style. It is simply a tool that can be utilized by EVERY haircutter, no matter their prior hair training and can also be used in-addition-to any other education, since it shares commonalities with all cutting systems.

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